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Trading Demo Contest

The fight begins


total prize pool

First Round

1st Place :


2nd Place :


3rd Place :




1st Place :


2nd Place :


3rd Place :




1st Place :


2nd Place :


3rd Place :


1st Round Ranking


1st place

Mohd Azree Rakimin


222.6% Net Gains

2nd place

Zamri Ismail


38.66% Net Gains

3rd place

Mohd Sani Bin Rahman


29.53% Net Gains

2nd Round Ranking


1st place

Zamri Ismail


353% Net Gains

2nd place

Ezman Muhammad


289% Net Gains

3rd place

Hafizi Saad


228% Net Gains

Contest Period


Registration date:
01.07.2019 - 15.07.2019


1st round begins:


1st round ends:

Registration date:
01.08.2019 - 15.08.2019


2nd round begins:


2nd round ends:

Registration date:
01.09.2019 - 15.09.2019


3rd  round begins:


3rd round ends:

Registration Ended:


Why You Should Join:


No risk: 


Just focus on your trading without risking your own money. Focus on your profit and startegy.


Focus to be TOP 3:


Be the TOP 3 in any round to win the real prize. Beat your fear and be the best trader

in this competition.


Use your own strategy:


Trade with an indicator or expert advisor. Test your strategy and maximize the profit.

How to Join:

Simply follow this 3 steps

Register one today and join the competition


Step 1

Register a real account. Verify your account. If you had one, proceed to step 2

Step 2

Register a demo contest account

with your real information

Step 3

Wait for our confirmation by email with your Demo account log in information.

Terms and Conditions :


1- Register a Live account. All participants need to have a live account with us. No deposit required

2- Verify your account

3- Registration open for 15 days for each round from the started date

4- We'll email you with the credentials of demo login and password

5- Only one account for one person

6- Every re-entry to the contest ( reset the balance back to $10,000 ) if in case of the account out of balance, a participant need to deposit to his/her Live account with minimum $25. No limitation of re-entry until the registration is closed.


1- Type of accounts : Standard

2- Starting balance $10,000

3- Leverage 1:500

4- May use any type of startegy including expert advisor without any restrictions.

5- Registration of several contest accounts by the same person or the presence of several client profiles belonging to the same person
6- Get banned if opening the opposite trades using different account at almost the same time and using the same pairs


1- The first 3 participants with the best Profitability/Risk ratio by the end of the contest will be considered as winners

2- The winners will receive money on Live ECN trading account within 5 working days

3- In case two participants have the same results, the least drawdown will be consider as an advantage

4- Any profit made from live trading, able to withdraw without any restrictions

5- The winning fund prize only can withdraw after completed lot size requirements.

Example : Winning prize $300 / 10 = 30 standard lots, $500 / 10 = 50 standard lots, $1,000 / 10 = 100 standard lots


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